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Answers 10 & 11

Can You Hackett Answers

Question 10

A striker attempts an elaborate back heel but completely misses the ball and instead catches a defender who is caught out by surprise, in the knee cap.  The defender falls to the ground blood streaming from his knee.  You immediately blow up. The striker turns round and apologises claiming it was accidental.  The defender claims it was reckless as he waits to be carried off.  What action if any do you take.

 Answer 10

Clearly this was a careless act with no malice intended by the striker. Therefore following the removal of the injured player from the field of play I would re-start the game with a free kick


Question 11

A defender on the goal line instinctively catches the ball as it is about to go in.  The force of the shot forces the player’s hands back and the ball over the goal line.  The defender realising what he has done, instantly drops the ball into his own goal.  What action do you take? 

ANswer 11

award the goal and caution the defender who handled the ball on the goal line for an act of unsporting behaviour