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Answers 12 & 13

Can You Hackett Answers

Question 12

A player who has suffered minor whip lash injuries in a car crash has been wearing a surgical collar around his neck as prescribed by his doctor in training.  His condition improves, and he decides to resume playing and runs out wearing his surgical collar as a precaution.  The opposition immediately protest, claiming he cannot play, it is no different than a snood which are now outlawed.  How do you handle the situation? 

Answer 12

I would request that he removes the collar informing him that you will not allow him to participate unless he does. I might frankly have given a different answer prior to the decision to outlaw the snood.


QUestion 13

On an extremely wet pitch, the home defender slips and knocks the away forward off his feet. What should you do?

Answer 13

Apply advantage it was accidental no foul committed.