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Answers 4 & 5

Can You Hackett Answers

The “Can You Hacket?” questions are repeated below with the answer


The goalkeeper on the edge of his area clears the ball well upfield, the ball falls to an opposition forward who strikes a long range shot goalwards.  The goalkeeper turns to race back but drops to the floor having pulled a hamstring.  Do you blow up and stop play allowing the keeper to receive assistance or allow play to continue and the ball fly into the net and award a goal?

A4.  The referee must stop play if he deems a player is seriously injured.  He cannot stop play simply because the goalkeeper has gone to ground.  He could be feigning an injury.  Allow the goal to stand and allow the keeper to be treated for any injury.

QUestion 5

A defender over-hits a pass back to the goalkeeper.  The ball hits the inside of the post, does not cross the line and rebounds back to the goalkeeper who catches it and clears upfield.  What now? 

A5.  Stop play. Award an Indirect Free kick to the attacking team.  The goalkeeper has taken possession after a deliberate pass to him by a team-mate.