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Copy of Answers 6 & 7

Can You Hackett Answers

The “Can You Hacket?” questions are repeated below with the answer

QUestion 6. 

In the last minute of added time a skilful defender flicks the ball up and then juggles the ball from knee to knee.  A forward immediately takes off his boot and with a chest high stockinged foot, kicks the ball into the net.  The defender claims dangerous play.  The forward points to his boot on the grass that he took off and says it was not studs up.  What is your decision? 

Answer 6. 

Disallow the goal. A player must wear boots.  He deliberately took a boot off, thus constituting a danger to himself.  Restart play with an indirect free kick against the player who took off his boot.


QUestion 7. 

At half-time the away side's manager approaches you in a panic and says a club official has just told him his right-back shouldn't be playing - he's suspended due to the number of yellow cards he has accumulated.  What now? 

Answer 7. 

The responsibility is the club’s to ensure that players are okay to play.  If they wish, they can substitute the player. Inform both clubs that you will be reporting the matter to the authorities.