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Answers 8 & 9

Can You Hackett Answers

The “Can You Hacket?” questions are repeated below with the answer

QUestion 8. 

You give a penalty but the side's specialist penalty taker is off the pitch receiving stitches to a head wound suffered in the incident.  The other players refuse to take the kick until he returns, saying that would unfairly penalise them.  What do you do?  

Answer to Question 8. 

They MUST take the penalty kick and you should warn them of the consequences if they do not.
The player cannot return to the field until the game is restarted.  So he cannot take the kick anyway.  If they still refuse, the game would be abandoned.  If someone does take the kick, and the kick needs to be retaken, then the player can return,provided there is no delay, to take the kick!

Question 9.

A striker goes down in the box but you wave play on.  As the ball runs away you blow for full time.  When you turn around you see the linesman is flagging for a penalty - and started doing so before you blew up.  What now? 

ANSWER TO Question 9.  You now award a Penalty Kick, time must be added on for this to be taken.  But during your conversation with your assistant you must determine also if a sanction Red or Yellow card should be issued.