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Answers to The Referee Questions

Can You Hackett Answers

The “Can You Hacket?” questions are repeated below with the answer and are in reverse order so the most recent are at the top of this page.

Question 3

The physio has just left the pitch after treating an injured player.  The game has restarted and a striker has gone past two players, but as he approaches the last defender he is amazed to see the defender suddenly stop, making no attempt to tackle him, instead bending down to pick up a pair of scissors which have fallen out of the physio's bag.  As the defender raises the scissors in the air to show to you (you are the referee) the striker simultaneously is swinging his foot, making contact with the ball, sending it whistling into the back of the net.  What do you do now? 

A3.  Award the goal and then return the scissors to the physio.  There was no infringement committed.  The defender should have defended and then handed over the scissors at a stoppage.


A player whose team have already had four red cards commits a second yellow card offence. However there is the opportunity to play an advantage as the ball has set the opposition clean through on goal.  Do you play the advantage, bearing in mind once the player is sent off the match will be abandoned? 

A2.  Apply the advantage, but once the advantage is over, stop play, return and issue the player with his second yellow and red.  Then abandon the game and report the matter to the authorities

Question 1

The referee awards you a free kick and you decide to kick it towards your goalkeeper so he can boot it upfield. However, the goalkeeper slips and misses it completely and the ball ends up in your net.

YOU ARE THE REF – do you.

  1. Award a goal.

  2. Award a goal kick

  3. Award a Corner kick

The correct answer is 3 - you should award a corner (as specified in the laws of the game).