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Club Statement

Club Statement

 Club Statement about Penistone Church Football Club Ladies Team

Penistone Church Football Club has over 25 teams playing football in and around Penistone on a weekly basis. The Penistone Girls teams all go from strength to strength and are making great progress.

A tremendous amount of work went into trying to enable the Penistone Church Ladies team to continue. However, we all knew from the start that finding a pitch would be difficult. The club recently became aware that our Ladies Team will not be able to start next season (2019-20). There are just not enough pitches available in the Penistone area that meet the league criteria – full-sized, available on a Sunday at 2pm, with changing rooms.

Whilst this is disappointing news for all concerned, Steve Stead (the girls’ secretary) with the club officials are planning to work with our local contacts to ensure that there will be suitable arrangements for our current Girls Under 18 side for the season 2020-21. This is so they can become the new Penistone Church Football Club Ladies team.

We thank all those who tried so hard to keep the Ladies team going and wish all involved in that effort well in their future with football.