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Drop ball restarts will now be uncontested

 The drop ball restart is undergoing a makeover

Drop Ball Restart Manuel Schüttengruber, Fußballschiedsrichter (08) jpg - Wikimedia Commons.png

Drop balls will now be uncontested and the team that's not in possession can be no closer than four metres to the ball.

Whatever the reason for the stoppage, including moments when play is stopped due to an injury, the team in possession of the ball will resume their possession wherever play was halted. This removes the need for acts of fair play that sometimes involve a team blasting the ball long distances as a means of returning possession to the opposition. 

“All the gamesmanship of dropping the ball and kicking it out of bounds all the way down to the corner, or trying to take advantage and starting an attack, all of that is going to be gone."

"This law change is designed to improve the attractiveness of the game.”

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