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Laws of the Game 2019/20

Keith Hackett has summarised all the rule changes for us in this presentation. Please feel free to use this to explain the new rules to your team, friends and family.

This link takes you to the summary presentation of all rule changes

The other pages in the ‘Law Changes for Season 2019/20’ on the PCFC site summarise a particular change since last season so you don’t have to wade through 246 sides of detailed information

Link to goal kick law changes

Link covering substitutes leaving the pitch

Link covering restarting with a drop ball

Link covering the rule about changed possession if the ball hits the ref

Link covering the rules around attackers and mixing with a defensive wall

Link covering the sin-bin arrangements

The full set of rules for 2019-20 are contained in a 246 side, 16.6mb PDF document, which covers all the existing rules from last season and the changes for 2019-20.

 This link takes you to the latest OFFICIAL FULL set of rules