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Article 2

Keith Hackett’s Article (2) Involvement

With “You are the Ref.”

Sketch of Keith HAckett by Trevillion

Sketch of Keith HAckett by Trevillion

Introducing Keith Hackett


In 1981 having officiated the 100th FA Cup Final at Wembley I was approached by the Editor of SHOOT MAGAZINE enquiring if I would be interested in working with top artist Trevillion on his renowned YOU ARE THE REF strips.

To date Trevillion and I have worked on many projects, our latest one was the launch of our 5th You Are Thr Ref Book


Each week football supporters would contact Trevillion with questions and those would be phoned through and I would answer over the telephone.

The drawings by Trevillion and the questions with my answers would appear in the following weeks Shoot Magazine.

After many years we moved to The Guardian newspaper and for several years our strip would appear in the Sunday Sports supplement.

I reproduce one of those strips below showing the quality of Trevillions work.

Select image to enlarge

The strips have featured around the world and are now a collectors’ item. If you ever visit the National Football Museum then please take a few minutes to play the You Are Ref interactive game and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

You will also see outside the museum the You are the Ref Bronze plaques drawn by Trevillion featuring many of the great players from around the World.

In the months ahead I will be asking those supporters who purchase a match programme at our home games to answer the question that I ask following the feature articles that I will be writing on many aspects of our great game

RONALDO art by Trevillion.JPG

Keith Hackett

2 QUESTIONS for you this week

Question 1 was in the previous article


A player whose team have already had four red cards commits a second yellow card offence. However there is the opportunity to play an advantage as the ball has set the opposition clean through on goal.  Do you play the advantage, bearing in mind once the player is sent off the match will be abandoned? 


The physio has just left the pitch after treating an injured player.  The game has restarted and a striker has gone past two players, but as he approaches the last defender he is amazed to see the defender suddenly stop, making no attempt to tackle him, instead bending down to pick up a pair of scissors which have fallen out of the physio's bag.  As the defender raises the scissors in the air to show to you (you are the referee) the striker simultaneously is swinging his foot, making contact with the ball, sending it whistling into the back of the net.  What do you do now? 

Answers to both questions Here